Watch: Final round knockout shows Mexico vs Puerto Rico Boxing at peak

You’ll struggle to find a better rivalry in all of boxing, sport or anything really, than that of the Mexico vs Puerto Rico boxing rivalry.

There’s nothing as intense and ferocious but with good sportsmanship always shown afterwards.

The two countries have produced some of the greatest boxing champions in history.

Further than that though, both are doing it again in today’s times too.

You only have to look at all the new young fighters and champions from both countries over the last year or so in particular.

Last night saw another classic Mexico vs Puerto Rico boxing bout with a final round, championship round knockout no less:

(Hat tip Top Rank Twitter)

Unbelievable stuff really. Hats off to both boxers.

Both showed true sportsmanship and champion behavior afterwards:

Fair play.

The fight even earned plaudits from one of the best boxers on Earth at the moment, Terence Crawford:

The win saw Navarrete defend his WBO featherweight world title and improve his professional record to 33-1-28 KO.

Diaz’ stock will have also rose and no doubt can come back once again in the near future.


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