George Foreman Regrets What He Did To An Opponent When Younger

George Foreman’s name is forever linked with the sport for a variety of reasons.

Both boxing and outside of it with his world revered grill machines.

In many ways however his professional career can be broken up into two different periods for him as a man.

Before he found God and after.

Indeed, one well known promoter often said of how he found him in his younger days compared to how he was after when he worked on himself for years to be a better man and control his anger was completely night and day.

In his younger days Foreman would probably admit himself he wasn’t a particularly pleasant person to be around.

Not someone any people at all would want to be around.

Maybe even that he took things a little too far with the gifts he had in the ring.

Speaking on his official Twitter account he said as much of one opponent:

Foreman would later however make big changes in his life because he had no choice but to basically.

He became a born against Christian and a very inspiring person to all people regardless of beliefs.

Proving that some people do change, you know.

A real role model for young boxers looking to take inspiration who are breaking through in the new generation of boxing.

If you have not seen the above fight or know much about Jose Roman here it is:


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