The Bizarre Feud Between Deontay Wilder and His Former Trainer

Former WBC Heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder is looking for his first fight of 2021.

Aside from that it appears he is still speaking about his ex trainer Mark Breland.

Breland is a highly respected man in boxing. A quiet, humble individual and to see him being spoken about like this is no good.

A successful fighter both amateur and pro.

Even the quiet Breland has spoken for the first time since the pair parted company last year.

It would appear that the parting of company has not been a respectful one however.

Some of the purported words towards Breland from Wilder were reprehensible.

To say the least.

That said, Wilder is his own man.

He is free to work with whoever he wants as his trainer.

You would think though that there would be a bit more class involved.

The pair suffered their first defeat as a team in a one sided defeat to Tyson Fury last year.

At the end of the day Deontay Wilder is the boxer.

He is taking the ultimate risk of anyone.

Getting in there with professional heavyweight contenders capable of inflicting serious damage.

He needs to focus on getting the big fights and training as hard as he can for the remainder of his professional career.

That’s all that is important.

Not making allegations or talking negatively about one of the most respected people in boxing, Mark Breland, and moving on.

A good fight for Wilder this year could be against the likes of Andy Ruiz Jr. or Dillian Whyte.

Both would be tremendous style match ups and could generate a lot of interest.

Wilder is still the hardest punching heavyweight on Earth and can work his way back into title contention quickly if he focuses on what got him to where he is.

Not talking in a negative light about a man who helped him get him to where he is along the way in Breland.

Move on. Anything else is just a waste of time and energy.

As for the heavyweight division there is a lot to shoot for this year.

The big Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight is still under negotiations.

Hopefully it can be made soon.

It would be huge for the sport of boxing.


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