George Foreman Explains How Boxing Helped Him In Life

George Foreman Explains How Boxing Helped Him In Life

Oldest heavyweight champion of all-time and born again Christian George Foreman knows a thing or two about working on weaknesses and improving in life.

Getting rid of the garbage and working on his God given gifts something Foreman used to great extent in the latter half of his boxing career.

Proceeded by his entrepreneurial career that followed there after.

With his world renowned grills of course.

Speaking on social media how boxing helped him in his life Foreman offered these words of wisdom during a dark time for the world:

Pretty cool.

Indeed, life is a battleground.

Every day a fight.

Particularly at the moment in the world with the spiritual war going on all around us.

Not much has changed in 2021 years. Good and evil still don’t mix.

Not to fear though, only fear God. Good will overcome evil at the end through good not evil. God is control.

A strange time for the world indeed at the moment.

Groups in Europe like the World Economic Forum only very recently for example.

Very openly and transparently for the first time now advocating for a one world government/society one day.

If not advocating certainly suggesting the notion, which, has been hammered down categorically already on their YouTube channel.

An undemcoratic private group who nations of the world did not elect to suggest such notions which have no basis or grounds under international public law.

Terrible to see even companies like Google the other day appearing on their YouTube channel.

An Indian gentleman’s remarks for the company not going down well with people around the world at the moment.

No one asked for a globalist agenda or one world society. No one voted for it.

Perhaps get every sovereign nation to vote democratically if such a thing were wanted, which, it is clearly not.

Not sure how long we can continue to support or work with Google anymore after appearing to be in support of such a group.

More due diligence required.

Only 100 or so private entities aligned to it so far but people like Jewish entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have stayed well away from it.


This World Economic Forum thing appears to come from some German banker people.

Not surprised.

Toxic concept.

People around the world have already seen through it.

They have already expressed their outrage and disgust.

Nice to see Vladimir Putin on it this week on their YouTube channel who does not support any such idea for a one world society though.

Surprised they gave him such a platform.

All in all, a very weird time for the world.

Also certain wealthy individuals buying up much of the farmland in America too recently. Weird.

No conspiracy theories or any of that crap but it just makes no logical sense to any reasonable, informed person and cause for genuine questioning.

Furthermore, good to see the thing with the Robinhood platform in the stock market the other day. Genius.

Mark Cuban and other prominent investors in support of their inniative says it all.

The little guys had a big win there. I’d suggest to take it further next time though and not look to just get even with some hedgefund shorting a stock.

Why not use the due diligence — of which some is on a very competent analyst level of — to pick real value companies.

Make way more money. Nice to see the establishment on Wall street having to back off and take a loss for once after been bailed out so many times before at the expense of hard working families.

Yes, the world is changing a lot at the moment.

George Foreman’s advice above could not be more spot on at the moment in our view.

Continue to be good to one another and keep the faith.

Awesome night of boxing to look forward to later on.

Roll on.


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