The sport of boxing and its most gifted exponents can offer a lot of wisdom for the world at this adverse time in humanity.

Fighting spirit and indeed fighting has been around since the beginning of time since the fall of man after Adam and Eve.

Fighting when done for the good of humanity an important part of life.

Some of boxing’s champions perhaps embody fighting spirit and fighting the good fight of faith better than anyone in history.

Oldest heavyweight champion in history George Foreman was a man as ferocious as they came in his younger days.

An intimidating, fearsome competitor. Not to be messed with. Good fighter.

But he has been candid on how he really felt on the day of a fight:

A frank insight into the mindset of one of boxing’s most devastating punchers and heavyweight warriors.

Perhaps his most famed bout came against Muhmmad Ali in the iconic ‘Rumble In The Jungle’:


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