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Mike Tyson Stuns People With Reason For Roy Jones Fight

Not long to go now until November 28th’s Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. exhibition in California.

In a little over one week the boxing world and indeed the wider world will be gripped with intrigue of a clash of involving two boxing icons.

Now far removed from their primes but two boxers who during their careers possessed that almost unexplainable attribute to create magic.

That space where sports sometimes transcends the impossible.

Boxing does it brilliantly at times.

Jones’ cat-like ability to escape from punches with his ridiculous speed and knockouts.

Tyson with his ability to end a night with a knockout at any time.

This mystique the two men had still to this day puts legend on their names.

No one knows in truth what is going to happen next week when they step in the ring.

Perhaps not even they know.

However ahead of the fight Tyson has made a stunningly honest and very inspiuring statement as to why he’s doing the fight.

When TV host Jimmy Kimmell mentioned he thinks Tyson is A getting guaranteed $10 million (something Kimmell doesn’t know despite claiming he does) Tyson countered with even more wit:

“I don’t know anything about money.”

He added:

“I want to make this a better place, I want to die with a good conscience.”


Some statement from a person once considered the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’.

Perhaps November 28th will have represented a transformative process for Tyson being complete in recent years.

That of which from a traumatic individual in the pits of addiction to a survivor of it all and a man at peace.

Stronger than ever at the end and perhaps a winner Saturday next week.

By knockout.

One last time.

Roy Jones will have something to say about that mind you.

Take if for what it is.

Entertainment and a fight between two legends of the ring looking to inspire.

Roll on.

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