Crawford vs Brook Proves Significant and Transparent Point For Boxing

People lie but numbers don’t.

Indeed, boxing has been doing incredibly well in America in recent times when not on pay per view.

Across different networks such as Fox and ESPN.

This really is significant for the sport for a variety of reasons.

As the new stars in boxing get out to massive numbers of people not only their brand grows but the sport grows overall.

Growing outside of a niche sport status back towards its rightful place amongst the premier sports in America.

Consider this.

Boxing has been getting huge ratings on major networks like Fox and ESPN in recent times.

It is continuously rivaling sports like the NBA, UFC and others and in some cases out performing them recently.

This last weekend case in point for the Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook fight:

Man, this is so encouraging and it should be for anyone who loves boxing.

Incredibly positive news above.

To be honest I haven’t been working much the last couple of years other than on myself battling addiction and getting better but now the above just makes me want to get back into this boxing stuff even more, get the heck out of this Bulgaria and Europe dump as soon as possible and get back home to America next year on US time to grow and promote the crap out of this thing as a sport.

Time to go back to work once back in America, pumped after the above numbers.

Imagine what boxing can do, in fairness, based on the above number’s been set in a grim context for both the sport, all sports and the world this year for obviously adverse reasons?

Man, the above has really put a spring in my step I must say.

Huge for boxing.

In a year where the young boxers of the future have broken through in America, in a difficult time for them to do so, coupled with the numbers above and some of the numbers done on Fox recently, the world is boxing’s oyster if the sport wants.

It really is. So much work to do ahead. Bring it on.

This tweet also very informative in my opinion:


Big times ahead.

Boxing’s comeback continues.

(Photo courtesy of Top Rank Boxing — data sourced from Nielson and Nielson Social Content Ratings)

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