Teddy Atlas Reacts To Mike Tyson Fighting Roy Jones Jr.

Teddy Atlas Reacts To Mike Tyson Fighting Roy Jones Jr.

Boxing trainer, commentator and all-round boxing personality Teddy Atlas and youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson go way back.

Long before Tyson became champion in fact.

Starting out in the amateurs Atlas coached Tyson as a teenager as part of legendary trainer Cus D’Amato’s set up in New York.

Atlas was removed from duties after an alleged incident that saw him and a very young Tyson come to a near fatal ending involving a gun.

That was a long, long time ago.

However when Tyson’s name comes up Atlas almost always has something to say.

Never the other way round from Tyson however.

Following the big news recently that Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will fight in an exhibition next month in California — Atlas has had this to say on his official podcast:

No doubt Teddy will have plenty more to say in the month ahead of the showdown.

In fairness, it is good entertainment and between Tyson and Atlas you have a real encyclopedia of knowledge in the sweet science.

The two both now have popular podcasts.

I’d suggest if the two did a joint podcast episode it could be huge.

The level of boxing knowledge that could be discussed between the two would be compelling to say the least.

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