Muhammad Ali Account Tweet Is Spot On Now More Than Ever

With the world currently facing a more unpredictable time than it has done for decades looking at some of humanity’s inspirational humans can often be a useful exercise.

Everyone needs a purpose in life. Most spend their whole lives never finding it sadly.

One of humanity’s and boxing’s great figures Muhammad Ali understood this more than most.

Ali transcended the sport of boxing with his larger than life persona and causes he stood for.

People forget though it was only after he retired that his wisdom became more read and acclaimed.

At the time when he was going through all his turmoil in and outside the ring people hated him.

Isn’t it funny.

People only appreciate what they had when its gone.

Alas, its always the way I guess.

His official Twitter account put this out which is perhaps on point in today’s situation for all nations.

More so than ever:

Many times in the world you’ll come across spoof philanthropists claiming they are charitable.

Done so under the guise of shady ‘corporate responsibility’ that in truth cares about real charity little.

Other than tax write off benefits it provides them.

Or the other new scam in the today’s times seems to be some non-profits who in reality are the most for profit folks you’ll ever meet.

Discernment is key and wisdom is needed to sort through the bluff but the above message is so true from Ali.

Whether it is giving a bar of chocolate to some homeless guy on the street or whatever.

Once it is done from a genuine place. That’s what counts.

On a travel note — might stay here in Budapest for a while.

The last few years’ pursuit of going to America made me put my whole life on hold. No more.

Maybe Hungary and Europe isn’t too bad for now. Maybe time to settle down. We shall see.

Everyday is a school day as good old Bruce Lee said in another way, one time.

At any rate — boxing appears to be coming back more and more now.

So stay tuned for more positive updates on the big happenings and fights in the sport.

Roll on.

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