Errol Spence Concurs With Williams In Mayweather Pacquiao Debate

In recent days amid the gradual end of the hiatus for boxing in recent times there’s been a lot of debate surrounding who had the better career between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

It’s an interesting one in a sense.

Firstly, consider this.

Floyd Mayweather comprehensively beat Pacquiao when the two fought in 2015, made a lot more money perhaps, and, remained undefeated before retiring.

However, I’d suggest to look at things from another viewpoint too.

A purely boxing legacy one.

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From the perspective that, Pacquiao is still actively competing at the highest level in the sport and won titles in more weight classes than Floyd.

The debate around who had the better career seems to focus on how Pacquiao’s legacy could be seen as better than Floyd’s in certain aspects.

While others believe Floyd’s career was the better of the two in other categories.

Pound for pound maestro Errol Spence of Texas believes the latter and re-tweeted fellow fighter Julian Williams’ outlook on the matter to suggest as much:

What do you think?

Who had the better career overall?

How long can Pacquiao keep boxing for?

Can his legacy realistically get much better than what it is already?

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