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Good ole Eddie Hearn has been trying to push the computing gaming powers that be to bring out a new boxing game as of late.

EA’s former Fight Night game is a long, long missed fixture in the gaming world for fight fans.

With boxing’s return to popularity as a sport in recent times you’d think those egg heads and poindexters over at EA would understand the huge demand and business market that exists for a boxing game.

Fight fans have been calling for a new game for years and have been let down time and time again.

English boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is now at the point of just bringing out his own damn game all together.

The demand for it is off the hook.

Just check out the responses so far today:

That ends everything then.

Eddie, old boy, the people have spoken.

Let’s go! Let’s get this show on the road.

It would make a tonne of money too Eddie. You know it makes sense.

In many ways a new Fight Night computer game would have been perfect for this recent self-isolation and lock down period the world is experiencing due to the Coronavirus.

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