Watch: Tyson Fury and His Brother Taunt Deontay Wilder and His Wife

Tyson Fury and His Brother Taunt Deontay Wilder and His Wife

All boxing aside it’s safe to say that Tyson Fury is one of the great characters in modern boxing history.

Possibly of all time in the sport perhaps.

The guy is a bit of a legend in fairness — the below video perhaps speaks better than any words can in this regard.

Since fighting back from his demons and dark, hellish issues outside the ring in recent years and now returning into the light, one thing certainly hasn’t changed (thankfully) with the likable Englishman.

His not giving a f*** quirky sense of humor.

Science tells us that all of us humans are biologically unique and different.

All with different personalities.

Weird and wonderful in all our little ways per se.

Well, Tyson Fury is certainly some man for one man in this realm shall we say.

A short time ago, just before the weigh-ins on the cusp of his rematch with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury produced this with his brother in a light jibe at Wilder and his wife:

Great stuff.

Without doubt America has really taken to Fury so far.

As for the serious business in the ring tomorrow night expect fireworks and fists to fly ferociously from the first bell.

It’s hard to say who’s going to win and I’ve changed my mind possibly ten times over the last month or so on this fight.

It really is head wrecking to try to discern and ascertain how this might play out from a strategic standpoint.

Plans go out the window anyway in heavyweight boxing once the first big right hand usually lands.

Sit back, enjoy and relax what could be one of the great nights for boxing in a long time.