Following UFC star Conor McGregor’s recent return to winning form in the sport of mixed martial arts he now finds himself linked again with a possible return to professional boxing.

The one time pro boxer (0-1) in no part helped fuel this himself, mentioning before his recent win over Donald Cerrone that he had returned to his boxing routes and would like to be a boxing world champion one day.

A lofty goal in fairness.

Since then, the Irishman has been linked with a Floyd Mayweather rematch and indeed a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

But now though, perhaps one of the most left field, curve ball opponents has come in the form of pound for pound maestro Terence Crawford.

A welterweight champion who continues to struggle to get meaningful fights in boxing.

A one time wrestler in his younger days, Crawford has intimated he is open to the idea.

His promoter has also made the following claim (hat tip Michael Benson Twitter):

Overall, will we continue to see this big UFC names or YouTube stars linked with fights in pro boxing?


But that said — don’t expect it to be a consistent thing.

Perhaps only every so often when the right mix and all things align if the public want to see it enough.

Like Mayweather vs McGregor a few years back for example.