Eddie Hearn Has Huge Plans For Dillian Whyte’s First Fight of 2020

Dillian Whyte not long ago was running the risk of being the forgotten man of the heavyweight division.

The exciting and always value for money heavyweight from the UK has been shafted left, right and center by various forces in the sport in recent years.

Disgracefully so really.

But, you can’t keep a good man down and 2020, by all accounts, looks set to be the Body Snatcher’s year.

His promoter, Englishman, good old Eddie Hearn appears to have huge plans for him this year:

(Hat tip Michael Benson Twitter):

Wow. Quite a bit being planned there.

Good man Eddie. Fair play.

While Eddie Hearn comes in for a lot of criticism or for a lot of ‘stick’ as they’d say in England, whatever you think of him or his business practices, you can’t deny his loyalty to his fighters.

He’s done right by Dillian Whyte here. Very good. Much respect.

Either of the above would be huge for Whyte this year and both would be bloody good fights too.

One thing I didn’t like about Eddie Hearn before was his ego appearing to be out of control but judging by his recent press conferences that seems to be under control now.

Sure, he’s a boxing promoter and talks a bit of s*** every now and then which probably rubs some people the wrong way.

Understandably so.

Particularly with the difference in cultures in different countries which he should be more respectful of.

With that being said, his heart is clearly in the right place and certainly would go to war for his fighters and in general, being good for boxing.

Regarding the aforementioned, as pertaining to being a boxing promoter.

He’s a salesman at the end of the day in terms of what he does for a living and if you’re not a good salesman you won’t get any customers at the end of the day.

That’s just business and reality.

But, the above moves from Hearn here reveal his true self, as the loyalty shown here to a fighter he’s been with and through some crazy stuff with in recent years, in terms of the shoddy treatment Whyte has received in various quarters, is commendable.

All in all, it looks like Whyte will once again get back into the mix and become a relevant player in the premier league landscape of the top tier of the heavyweight division this year.

After that, it’s up to him.

What a year 2020 promises to be for heavyweight fights.

It’s all kicking off really at the moment in terms of quality fights getting made or being in the process of being made left, right and center in the heavyweight division.

Very encouraging.