Move By Mayweather For Gervonta Davis vs Gamboa Shows Boxing Far From Dead

Over the years in the sport of boxing has had its naysayers for various reasons.

Their common mantra was always ‘Boxing is dead’ and that the sport was no longer popular.

Isn’t it funny.

Those people are very quiet now.

While admittedly, in the past, yes, boxing’s popularity had declined and became a niche sport — nowadays that couldn’t be further from the truth.

And let us not just look at the big events or big fight cities either.

For example, this past weekend the first notable professional boxing card in some time returned to Atlanta.

The main event being an impressive stoppage from Gervonta Davis over Yuri Gamboa.

Floyd Mayweather who was promoting the event mentioned beforehand that coming to Atlanta was ‘rolling the dice’ in terms of the market’s viability and potential for boxing.

Well, ticket sales from fans paying their hard-earned money to turn up don’t lie.

The attendance, a sell out of 14,129 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta proves boxing is far from dead and even in States that it wasn’t considered popular in before — it is now thriving in.