Boxing Fans React To Mike Tyson Training Serena Williams Video

Good old iron Mike Tyson continues to pop up here and there in the boxing world.

Whether it be his opinions on current affairs in the sport or passing on his sweet science wisdom to well known athletes.

Tyson is often seen passing on his boxing skills to all sorts of people — from UFC fighters to just regular folks at restaurants.

Despite being long retired the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history is still clearly a fight nut.

Once a boxing nut always a boxing nut as they say.

His latest pupil has been none other than American tennis star Serena Williams who he took on the heavy bag:

Following the clip amassing quite a bit of traction online — here’s some of the sentiment being expressed by boxing fans:

It would appear while some think Williams could have made it in boxing many strongly disagree.

As for Tyson, his popular podcast he started this year has transitioned from YouTube to iTunes from the time being.