Anthony Joshua Reaction To Andy Ruiz Loss Is Getting A Lot Of Respect

Anthony Joshua Reaction

It is said that you learn much more from defeats and set backs in life than you do for victory.

Upon inspection of notable humans in the past I believe it to be true.

As basketball player Michael Jordan said one time:

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The penny takes a little longer to drop for some in terms of their character defects but in the case of Anthony Joshua it appears he is always willing to learn and improve.

Anthony Joshua is facing up to the first loss of his professional boxing career this past weekend at the hands of new heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr.

Joshua had faced adversity in his career and indeed in life before many times.

But last weekend showed that even with all the pedigree, clout, and marketing in the world behind a fighter, when it comes to the boxing ring and indeed life — upsets can happen.

Convention and logic can often be trumped in the heavyweight division with one single punch.

Andy Ruiz shocked the foundations of boxing to its very core in the modern day perspective last Saturday with his stoppage victory.

He now finds himself being immediately pursued for a rematch by Joshua. Don’t expect the Englishman to give up that rematch without a fight.

His promoter Eddie Hearn yesterday confirmed that he immediately activated the rematch clause in the contract for a part two before the year is out.

Anthony Joshua Reaction

Date and venue is still to be confirmed but here’s what Joshua has had to say himself on his YouTube channel today:

A class act in fairness.

Joshua looks like he will definitely be staying with his trainer after his first loss.

Where the rematch happens though will be interesting. One suspects he might try to get it back in the UK.

He knows he took his eye off the ball. Surely.

In boxing even slacking off that 1% in preparation can make all the difference on the night.

Perhaps not from a physical perspective in this case but maybe Joshua and his team overlooked Ruiz a smidge.

If they’re being honest with themselves.

Don’t expect them to make the same mistake second time round however.

In the meantime Joshua’s classy reaction has been winning him plenty of respect amongst boxing fans: