Heavyweight Dillian Whyte Reacts To Boxer Forcibly Kissing Female Reporter

Popular heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte is known for his knockout fists inside the ring but the more and more his star continues to grow — the more boxing fans are also getting acquainted with his lighter side.

Certainly a uniquely blunt and x-rated sense of humor most of the time.

Many times over the years Americans have asked me how do I stand Brits and I’d always try to tell them that the sense of humor is just totally different.

As an Irishman, I enjoy the difference between the two cultures but have to say the sense of humor is miles apart.

Some good and some bad — but that’s for another day.

Whyte perhaps personifies this sometimes dark sense humor in the UK in his interviews.

Particularly with good old Kugan Cassius where banter is always on tap.

Recently not just in boxing news but in world sports news — headlines were made by Bulgarian heavyweight Kubrat Pulev who appeared to kiss a female reporter forcibly after his recent fight.

A number of other videos have since surfaced and the whole thing has turned into one of the most controversial stories in boxing this year so far.

When asked by Kugan Cassius what he made of the whole situation here’s what Dillian Whyte had to say:

As for his own boxing career, Whyte is expected to announce his next opponent in the coming weeks.

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