Boxer Who Kissed Female Reporter Lifts The Lid On What He Says Happened

Bulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev has been in the news a lot lately following an incident that took place after one of his recent fights.

He was captured on video kissing a female reporter who had interviewed him.

Subsequently the reporter held a news conference saying she planned to take legal action for sexual harassment and also made further allegations.

This was then proceeded by another video surfacing amid what has become one of the most controversial stories in recent times in boxing.

A story that never even happened in the ring.

Now, Pulev has lifted the lid on his version of events and his take on the whole story.

Speaking to 120 minutes via English subtitles / translation:

“The same night I say to her, hey, this was a joke, can you remove the kiss from the interview? I am not sure what kind of reporter she is. She did not get any interviews at the party that night (after the fight). She got a strange way of doing ‘interviews’ at the party that night.”

He added:

“I did not want to say anything bad about her. I do not hate her. I still got good feelings for her even though she attacked me and say lies. What they are doing is not moral because there are a lot of women who are victims of sexual abuse — but this is not the case here. This is so ugly and not moral.”