Watch: Astonishing Boxing Match In Poland Sees 10 Knockdowns In Total

The phrase and popular song ‘I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again’ really springs to mind this weekend in boxing.

That, and the Tyson Fury undertaker moment in round 12 against WBC heavyweight champion last December when he somehow got up from a right hand straight out out of the gates of hell from one of the most vicious punchers that ever lived:

Mind you, Fury himself surely would have been proud of this weekend’s fight of attrition between Patryk Szymanski and Robert Talarek in Poland.

The following tells the story really.

Truly incredible stuff:

Talerek won the fight by TKO but it’s safe to say both men’s stock will have risen dramatically in the middleweight division after that.

Expect both to land some decent fights in the not too distant future after that barnstormer.

Fair play.

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