Conor McGregor Friend Artem Lobov Might Make Malignaggi Think Twice

Conor McGregor Friend Artem Lobov Might Make Malignaggi Think Twice

Artem Lobov, a respected MMA fighter and close associate and training partner of fight star Conor McGregor received his first taste of bare knuckle boxing this weekend.

And it was a bloody one.

Earning a decision win over Jason Knight, Lobov posted a very graphic photo on his Instagram account showing the full effects of what bare knuckle boxing can entail.

A post that is already going viral online among boxing and fight fans in general.

Artem is due to set up a match with former world boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi next up in bare knuckle boxing rules, something the latter may now be thinking twice about.

On the whole it’s a move that has ruffled the feathers of many in the boxing fraternity whom many genuinely believe that bare knuckle boxing is complete garbage in terms of credibility as a sport.

Due to Malignaggi being a former world champion in the sport of boxing however and one of the most respected commentators and analysts in the game today however, boxing fans are growing slowly more curious about proceedings.

And, if indeed Malignaggi will be the last or first high profile modern day pro world champion boxer to get down and throw hands bare knuckle.

Time will tell but judging by the above it will take some time for Artem to heal up before any possible fight with New Yorker Malignaggi.