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Oscar De La Hoya Delivers Powerful Speech

Former world champion turned boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been in the news a lot lately.

Between new ventures into promoting MMA, beefs with the likes of Dana White and Floyd Mayweather, signing his star fighter Canelo Alvarez to new streaming platform DAZN in a record deal ‘The Golden Boy’ has certainly been in the spotlight a lot lately.

His public speaking has been criticized a lot as of late though.

In particular at an MMA event he promoted, his first one, where he didn’t even know the names of the fighters on the card.

He’s turned things around a bit with the following to be fair though.

Away from the crazy world of professional boxing this week he made time to make a very, very impressive speech at a public speaking event here.

Well worth a watch:

(Hat tip Villainfy Media YouTube)

Fair play.

De La Hoya’s main fighter that he promotes these days Canelo Alvarez returns to action this Cinco De Mayo holiday weekend in Las Vegas next month when he takes on Daniel Jacobs in a middleweight showdown expected to deliver non-stop action.

Should Alvarez win (which is no forgone conclusion mind you) a third fight with Gennady Golovkin is expected before the year it out.

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