Canelo Alvarez Shows Off Explosive Power Punching Ahead Of Jacobs Bout

Mexican boxing star Canelo Alvarez is in spiteful, vicious form in training camp at the moment.

It is clear that he’s coming to bring the heat against Danny ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs on Cinco De Mayo weekend in their upcoming championship bout in early May.

Of course, Jacobs will be doing the same, he has one of the biggest warrior hearts in all of professional boxing.

Jacobs has overcome things in life that mere mortals perhaps could not even fathom and after watching Jacobs fight in the flesh last year in New York, I can say first hand it is quite something to watch him go to the trenches and to war when he wants to.

It looks like he’ll need to judging by this too — Canelo appears to be training for a full on war with him:

Certainly working on power there.

Of course, both he and Jacobs will have game plans or drawn up too coming into the contest but the two of them just love to fight so one way or another, expect the fight to catch fire at some point and when it does the pair’s clash of styles should result in an absolute fire cracker.

The fight will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on May 4th.

28-year-old Canelo Alvarez currently holds a professional boxing record of 51-1-2-35KO while 32-year-old Jacobs from New York currently possess a pro resume of 35-2-29KO.

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