Boxer’s Girlfriend Reacts To Him Forcing Kiss On Female Reporter

The big story this week in the world of boxing has come outside of the ring involving heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev of Bulgaria and a female sports reporter.

A video now gone viral of Pulev kissing the reporter after his post-fight video was followed by the lady in question holding a news conference and signalling her intent to pursue Pulev legally for his actions.

Then, earlier today, a new video emerged allegedly of the same female sports reporter appearing at an after party later that night just feet away from Pulev appearing to perform a lap dance on one of his friends.

The whole thing has been one of the most controversial topics in boxing for a long, long time.

And with professional boxing being as unpredictable, emotional and passion-fuelled as it is anyway — that’s really saying something.

Now Pulev’s girlfriend has come out in public and given her support to her partner following the incident.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper his girlfriend was quoted as saying:

“He lives with boxing and a sanction like this one is crushing him. He is the victim! She should be sued for degradation of the prestige. That is serious.”

Pulev has been temporarily suspended by the California State Athletic Commission pending a hearing set to take place in the coming weeks ahead.

(Photo credit: @andreabulgaria Instagram)

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