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Home » Watch: Marcos Maidana Training For Comeback At Mayweather Gym

Watch: Marcos Maidana Training For Comeback At Mayweather Gym

Much loved former world champion Marcos Maidana of Argentina had let people know on social media in recent months that he’d be coming back to the ring later this year.

He dropped some fairly sizeable names at the time though and seemed to be quite a bit over his fighting weight from back in the day.

So fans were understandably sceptical of his claims.

But, in true Chino fashion — he’s a man of his word.

The folks at Fight Hype today have posted the following video from the Mayweather Gym of Maidana putting in early work on the pads:

Great stuff there, plenty of spite in those punches.

Although he’s obviously over his old fight weight, this is still early days and the fact he’s taken himself to the Mayweather Boxing gym shows he’s very serious about getting back in shape and making a real go of it.

He’s still a very big name in boxing after his two fights with Floyd Mayweather a few years back so there’ll no doubt be interest in whoever he fights next.

A fan favourite for his in ring brawling style and not giving a f*** attitude outside of the ring, yes, Chino will be a welcome fixture once again on the sweet science landscape.