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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Former pound for pound boxing maestro Andre Ward has taken to social media quite a bit lately and provided some interesting takes on the often hard to explain world of boxing politics.

Yesterday lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury received huge news with announcing his fights in America will be shown on ESPN moving forward.

Something that really is good for the sport of boxing when you look at the big picture in terms of all the networks and outlets now willing to show and promote the sport of boxing in the US.

Competition is not only a good thing — it’s a great thing.

That said, many fans have expressed concerns that fights between Fury, Wilder and Anthony Joshua will all be harder to make now with the three top heavyweight fighters in the world being affiliated with different networks in the US.

Andre Ward however brought up some valid points on Twitter:

All good points, to be fair.

Bu, at the risk of contradicting the great Andre Ward, today’s time in boxing compared to that when it was just Showtime and HBO in the US is far more fragmented because of the nature of the current market.

That said, if a fight is big enough one would hope that it will be made regardless of network, media and content provider fragmentation.

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