Pound for pound lightweight star Mikey Garcia moves up all the way to welterweight next month to take on Errol Spence in Spence’s home State of Texas.

A dangerous move unquestionably but one the likeable Garcia has to be commended for at this stage of his career at the same time.

Many regard Spence as the best welterweight in the world alongside WBO champion Terence Crawford but Garcia views him as nothing special when asked.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Garcia said:

“He’s an aggressive fighter, you know — walking forward, using his height, reach, distance you know for measuring then he lets go of his hands with his power. Good body punching, body shots. He’s left handed so he likes to measure everything he sometimes comes with that left to the body or sometimes he goes up top with it. He reminds me a little of myself. Straight forward. Nothing flashy with like speed or crazy footwork or anything, just efficient. So that’s like kind of a resemblance there.”

All in all, both guys’ have a pretty explosive style so it should be fireworks whatever way the fight plays out.

One suspects Garcia will come to use speed in his game plan to try to out time and manoeuvre the bigger Spence.

Time will tell if that works.