Conor McGregor Lets Loose On Both Paulie Malignaggi and Tenshin Nasukawa

Conor McGregor has been linked with a possible return to a professional boxing ring this year but at the moment everything seems up for debate around whether or not he’s actually interested in another boxing match or if a lot of this is just for more press and promotion.

Either is possible really and with the way both professional boxing and combat sports have gone in recent years in terms of being far more heavily towards the entertainment side of things than ever before — never say never in this crazy old game.

Some reports this week suggested that early talks between McGregor and Malignaggi about a possible boxing match later this year had gone on.

Before that, McGregor and Mayweather’s New Year’s Eve sparring victim Tenshin Nasukawa also exchanged some back and forth verbals online.

McGregor said he wanted a piece of him after Mayweather stopped him in the first round of their recent boxing exhibition in Tokyo.

The Irishman has now taken aim at both Tenshin and Paulie in an extensive social media post:

Conor McGregor’s record in professional boxing at this time is 0-1.