Ryan Garcia Puts Logan Paul In His Place

Ryan Garcia puts Logan Paul in his place

2018 really saw the break out of celebrity boxing on YouTube when YouTube stars Logan Paul and another YouTube star engaged in a hugely watched fight on their YouTube platforms via pay per view.

Many have suggested this trend could be here to stay while some think that they are just once off fads that only work when the YouTube stars in question already has a huge fan base on the platform.

For example, some point to the Joseph Parker vs Hughie Fury WBO heavyweight title fight on YouTube pay per view not doing particularly well in the past as to use the platform on its own without an already hugely established channel is difficult to market.

Don’t believe anything just yet though — the whole space is still emerging and don’t count anything off the table just yet.

For the meantime, real life top professional boxer Ryan Garcia has had this rather painful reminder for Logan Paul about what elite level boxing is really all about:


All in all, anything that brings more eyeballs to the sport of boxing can only be a positive thing in the long run.

Surely. In the grand scheme of things.