Boxing Fans Blast McGregor For His Trolling Of Mayweather vs Tenshin

It would appear Floyd Mayweather’s New Year’s Eve fight against Tenshin turned out to be bigger in the Western world than many thought it would be.

Despite the exhibition taking place in Tokyo, Japan and actually being blocked in America specifically the reaction to the event in the States has had the opposite effect of that move.

Every man and his dog appears to be talking about Mayweather’s first round demolition farce and has even brought about some cheeky comments from old foe Conor McGregor online.

A large group of boxing fans are not letting the Irishman get away with it however:

Mayweather and McGregor fought a professional boxing match back in September 2017 which ended in TKO victory for Floyd Mayweather in what so far has proven to the be the first and only pro boxing fight of McGregor’s career thus far.