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Why Putin Really Invaded Ukraine

Floyd Mayweather captured world headlines once again yesterday as he stopped a 20 year old Japanese kick boxer / MMA fighter in the very first round of a boxing exhibition in Tokyo.

It was what it was.

Everyone knew it was a non event and non fight but perhaps the only surprise with it was the brutality of its ending with Mayweather dropping his over matched, smaller and much younger foe three times on route to his win.

The win didn’t go on his record mind you so the fight carried little risk with maximum reward for his effort (a reported nine million dollars).

Conor McGregor has now reacted to the fight with the following on social media:

It wasn’t long ago when McGregor and Mayweather were having their own type of exhibition in boxing.

Although, their fight in 2017 did go on both men’s professional records and was a more competitive affair until Mayweather closed the show when he essentially decided to.

At least that fight wasn’t billed as an exhibition however.

The way things are going in combat sports these days don’t be totally surprised if the two have a rematch one day.

Or if in fact Floyd boxes Tiger Woods in an exhibition on YouTube next at this rate.

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