Chisora has teamed up with old nemesis David Haye for the rematch this weekend firstly as his new manager but also in a few other ways it should be noted.

The unlikely partnership came about earlier this year and one of the reasons Chisora went with Haye was he wanted to adopt some of his training and diet techniques that he used during his own boxing career not long ago.

He wanted to rejuvenate himself at this late stage of his career and saw tapping into Haye’s extensive knowledge as advantageous when it comes to diet, training and general health.

The gamble appears to have paid off as Chisora weighed in a short time ago looking leaning than he ever has in his career.

He weighed-in at 247lbs (17st 8lbs 3oz ) with Whyte also coming into the fight in top condition it should be said — weighing in at 17st 8lbs 8oz:

Both fighters have clearly trained hard for this and have trained specifically for power.

Combine that with two gas tanks capable of going twelve rounds, all in all, tomorrow night should be literally war at the 02 Arena in London.