Bradley On The Attributes That Give Pacquiao The Advantage Over Broner

Former world champion turned ESPN commentator Tim Bradley knows Manny Pacquiao well having shared the ring with him before.

Pacquiao comes into his January 19th pay per view showdown with Adrien Broner as favorite and Bradley is siding with Pacquiao to get the win.

A number of people believe Pacquiao has too much for Broner — even still at this late stage of his career and even being the older fighter than Broner going into the bout.

Speaking to Tha Boxing Voice, Bradley said:

“Focus. You need extreme laser like focus all night long against a guy like Manny Pacquiao, I don’t think Broner has the ability to do that so I’m going with Manny Pacquiao. He has a skill set absolutely to definitely do something against Manny Pacquiao, he has some punching power so he can so there is a possibility he could hurt him but like I said man — focus. Remember when I tell you man, when you watch that fight and you say, ah he’s not focused. When he starts clowning around and says you’re not hitting me, you’re not hitting me, that’s a fighter losing focus so he’s going to lose rounds that way so I’ve got Manny Pacquiao.”

The fight takes place on January 19th at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas so both fighters will be training and working right through the Christmas and holiday period next week.