Going back to 2015 when Fury faced Klitschko, I gave my prediction for Boxing News and Views. Being one of only a few that fancied the Furious one to win, favouring his swift Sonic like footwork over Klitschko’s very successful yet predictable style. 

Fury wasn’t faced with Dr Robotnik like Sonic, but was up against the robotic style of Dr Steel-hammer, which he dealt with decisively.

It wasn’t the most exciting fight, but Fury’s style was too hot for Dr Steel-hammer, unfortunately for Klitschko, steel loses its strength at high temperatures.

Going against the odds and so-called expert opinion, Tyson toyed with the champ, winning on all three judges score cards, to unanimously dethrone Klitschko in Dusseldorf!

The self-described Gypsy King moved up in level’s to become the unified Heavyweight champion of the world and collected some well deserved coin along the way — just like Sonic back in the day!

Following the dramatic night in Dusseldorf, it was well documented that Fury fought a lot of demons and thankfully won.

It’s good to see his charismatic personality charming our screens once again.

After two years out, just two come back fights and losing a reported 135 pounds, he’s set to face the Bronze Bomber for the only belt missing from his coveted collection.

Come December 1st, Tyson’s set to face Deontay Wilder for the prestigious Gold and Green of the WBC heavyweight championship of the world.

Deontay is Wilder by name and even wilder by nature and certainly packs a punch.

The Alabama Slammer has secured a massive 98% KO percentage, finishing 39 of his 40 professional bouts before the final bell!

His unorthodox style and gun slinging, go get um attitude, along with his Olympic Bronze medal, gained him the name of the Bronze Bomber along his professional fighting journey.

He’s an outspoken character and backs it up, but so far during the press tour, he’s been tongue-tied as Tyson’s toyed with the 6’7 Giant from Tuscaloosa Alabama, and I’m predicting a similar outcome in the ring.

Klitschko’s predictable robotic style, suited Tyson’s skill set of being the biggest boxer, mover, on the planet, but Wilder’s unorthodox power punches won’t be so easy to predict, which is what makes this fight so exciting.

If Tyson zigs when he should have zagged, we could potentially see Fury face plant the canvass, which is a real possibility, but I favour the boxing brain and ability of Fury.

I can see him steaming ahead to a points victory, with the possibility of a late stoppage.

Wilder will be reckless in the championship rounds when he’s tired and behind on the score cards, he’ll be wilder than usual looking for the KO and could walk onto a well-timed shot from Tyson.

Fury’s not known for his power, but if Wilder walks onto a punch, it’ll be like having a shot of Horlicks before bed time, he’ll be going to sleep!

Christmas has come early for Fury and his fans, roll on December 1st.

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