Watch: Mayweather Brings Up De La Hoya Cross Dressing – De La Hoya Brings Up Mayweather’s Domestic Violence

This escalating war of words between Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya shows no signs of slowing down just yet as both boxing legends continue to look to get at one another as personally as they possibly can.

When they did fight in the ring all those years ago it was Mayweather who won a split decision that night in Las Vegas.

Many years on, Floyd is now taking on a kick boxer on New Years eve while De La Hoya is retired from the ring.

The two still seem to passionately dislike one another however and as promoters in boxing now, continue to have a rivalry that is almost at boiling point outside of the ring.

In their latest beef online Mayweather posted to the following:

De La Hoya has posted the following edited video highlighting a previous domestic violence case where he alleges Floyd Mayweather’s children phoned the police on him:

Things appear to be getting out of hand a bit in this ongoing war at the moment but as is the case in boxing these days, nothing seems to be off-limits anymore.