Errol Spence Reacts To Terence Crawford TKO Of Benavidez

Everyone is calling for an Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford unification next year. Will we get it? It’s hard to say at this point.

Up until last week I would have said that the fight could be nearly two years away.

But as Top Rank continue to churn out quality fights over and over again with the new ESPN and ESPN+ app deal, Crawford and Spence continuing to impress, US boxing continuing to grow with the likes of Fox, DAZN and Showtime all investing in the game’s growth – next year might be the right time for the fight.

Perhaps not financially though.

If they really wanted to milk it then they could wait until 2020 but think about it, what an opportunity it would be to grow boxing next year if they made the fight.

Right in the middle of all the positive momentum the sport is experiencing at present, put two of the best young, undefeated, pound for pound rated fighters in the world (in most people’s top five-pound for pound) to show boxing at its absolute best.

The best fighting the best in their primes. Simple.

Something the UFC have done for years – perhaps boxing could seize this opportunity next year in a similar way in terms of looking at the big picture for the sport?

The two would obviously still make a lot of money by fighting next year anyway.

Moreover, they could do a rematch or even a trilogy to build a rivalry for years to come.

Just like the good old days, a new age welterweight rivalry between two supreme talents fighting in the same era. That is surely how you continue to build the sport.

Speaking on Crawford’s win over Jose Benavidez Jr last night, Spence had this to say:

As well as thinking it was a good match he also noted:

On comparing him and Crawford in terms of a draw, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza pointed out:

Good to see fan bases of both fighters growing from their hometowns and in America first.

The worldwide appeal will only come in time when they fight one another and against notable from over the pond where the opportunity arises.

In terms of the Spence vs Crawford fight, Top Rank’s main man earlier this week said it is something they are game for on their end.

So who knows, maybe next year isn’t totally out of the question.