GGG vs Canelo 2 – The Three Judges In Tonight’s Boxing

GGG vs Canelo 2 - The Three Judges In Tonight's Boxing

LAS VEGAS —  Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so says the the tagline.

Unfortunately, bad boxing decisions in Vegas, the fishy stinky variety, also stay with boxing fans for a long time.

Three-hundred 66 days after the botched GGG versus Canelo showdown, people are still talking about how Adelaide Byrd scored in favor of Canelo, 118-1110, and how Don Trella settled for a 114-1114 count that led to the hideous draw.

The third judge, Dave Moretti, was the only one who made sense that September 14 night last year, appropriately awarding the victory to Triple G, 115-113.

Moretti is a veteran of 992 bouts and began judging when Jimmy Carter was still U.S. President. He will return as judge for the GGG-Canelo rematch.

But sweet Adelaide and unsure Don are out.

So who are the two new judges?

Steve Wesifeld and Glenn Feldman.

Weisfeld was a former unofficial scorer for HBO’s boxing telecasts. He is 53, started judging in 1991, and has been a part of fights involving Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire Jr.

Feldman, meanwhile, is just as seasoned.

He began judging in 1992. This is his fourth Golovkin fight and the highest profile since he judged the Manny Pacquao-Floyd Mayweather showdown in May 2015.

Different folks, different strokes?

No guarantees. This is, after all, Vegas where dark and dangerous are commonplace.

But hey, in Moretti, Wesifeld and Feldman we trust.

So, we’re good to go.