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Watch: Mayweather Confronts Pacquiao In Japan

Watch Mayweather Confronts Pacquiao In Japan

A possible Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao rematch in 2019 could be on the cards after the two ran into one another in Japan.

Mayweather had been enjoying his travels in Japan and a chance run in with former opponent Manny Pacquiao took place.

It’s unclear how the chance meeting came about exactly, but it appears to the two stars were attending the same concert in Japan.

Mayweather then proceeded to say:

“All work is what? Easy work! Point to the easy work! (pointing at Pacquiao).”

Here’s how it went down:

A typically humble Manny Pacquiao just laughed.

This could point to the fact however that Pacquiao might be thinking about signing with Mayweather’s promotional company as he is in the market at the moment for a new promoter.

If he did that, the fight would obviously be easy to make and would probably ensure he makes more money too.

Mayweather is fond of his travelling around the world too so the fact that Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight in the US next might not be an issue either.

Pacquiao recently won the WBA ‘regular’ welterweight title against Lucas Matthysse in Malaysia via TKO.