GGG Mocks Canelo After Attempting To Intimidate Him At Weigh-In

Gennady Golovkin didn’t care too much about Canelo Alvarez’ attempt to get inside his head at their weigh-in in Las Vegas.

Canelo charged Golovkin on stage but ‘GGG’ had literally no reaction and did not flinch.

Things were then broken up by coaches and promoters but most people afterwards commented that they thought Canelo was trying to play mind games.

Speaking to BT Sport after the weigh-in, Golovkin laughed Canelo off:

“He is like a fake, like a clown. He moves towards me. He is a funny guy. No. Not really. He is not ready. He knows he can’t stop and relax. He talks too much. He moves too much. No this is not real. I see nothing. He is like a clown. He is coming too quick. I want to look at his face but he not give me a chance.”

He added:

“I am very excited. Thank you very much for my fans and all people who support boxing.”

The fight tonight sees the winner not only proving himself as the best middleweight on Earth but also one of the very top fighters in world boxing today, pound for pound.