Live Stream: Amir Khan Weigh-In (Full Video)

Live Stream Amir Khan Weigh Full Video

The Amir Khan weigh in is coming to us live today from Birmingham, UK as he gets ready to hit the scales against welterweight opponent Samuel Vargas.

Little verbal trash talk has been exchanged by either guy in the build-up to the fight.

Although Khan is a big favorite this weekend, he knows from experience he cannot afford to take his eye off the ball against anyone.

Especially with so many big fights just around the corner for him should he win.

Khan has been looking trim and ready to go all week.

A calmness and steely demeanour about him. We don’t expect him to have any trouble in making the weight.

Although, history has shown before when fighters go up in weight and then come back down sometimes it can be to their detriment.

Khan fought up at middleweight a couple of years ago and is now back at welterweight. We didn’t learn much from his Phil Lo Greco first round KO comeback fight earlier this year.

But, if the fight goes a few rounds this weekend, it will be interesting to see how Khan performs at welterweight now at the age of 31.

The folks at DAZN have made the Amir Khan weigh-in live stream today for the public.

The fight will be shown free for US fans tomorrow on their Twitter and Facebook pages: