Amir Khan Gives Take On Manny Pacquiao vs Mikey Garcia

Amir Khan fights this weekend in the UK but also finds himself in the middle of talks for big fights this coming December.

One of them being against Manny Pacquiao.

Although, the most likely scenario at this stage is that Pacquiao will fight Mikey Garcia in December and Khan will take on Kell Brook in December.

That’s if Khan beats Samuel Vargas in Birmingham this weekend of course.

Speaking to EsNews, Khan touched on a possible Pacquiao vs Garcia fight:

“Good fight. Both are great fighters. I can’t see that fight happening in the States. Maybe Mikey will have to travel. But look, it’s a good fight. Tough fight for both fighters. So yeah, I think it’s a good one. Good to see that fight. Mikey’s steady fighting skills vs Manny’s speed and power. Manny has got speed and power, Mikey’s more patient.”

Khan’s fight this weekend will be shown live on Sky Sports in the UK and live on the DAZN Facebook and Twitter pages for boxing fans in the US.

If Garcia vs Pacquiao does happen next up, it more than likely will see lightweight champion Garcia move up an entire two weight divisions to challenge Pacquiao at welterweight for his newly won WBA 147lbs crown.