Amir Khan Says Pacquiao Is His Option Number 1

Amir Khan is back in action this weekend but he knows an impressive win sets up a huge fight next up for him.

Whether that be against Kell Brook or Manny Pacquiao remains to be seen.

However, Kell Brook has now confirmed he will go back to 147lbs for the fight which means that if he can’t make the weight in time for a December fight with Khan, Manny Pacquiao will be the fight for Khan instead.

Indeed, Khan now thinks this is most likely.

Speaking to Sporting News, Khan said:

“There’s a few options out there for me but Pacquiao in my opinion is probably option number one. That’s a fight I would love to have because there’s a lot of history we have between each other. We’ve trained with each other, we are friends, but sometimes we have to put our friendship to the side, so I think that (Pacquiao fight) would be perfect.”

Khan’s fight this weekend will be shown free on the DAZN Facebook and Twitter pages for fans in the US and will be on Sky Sports for those in the UK.

Pacquiao is still currently in the market for a new promoter at this time.