Tyson Fury Graphically Slams Deontay Wilder With His New Favorite Word

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is back in heavy training ahead of his anticipated shot at the WBC heavyweight title held by American Deontay Wilder.

UK heavyweight contender Fury has always been known for his ability to talk ever since turning pro.

Call outs, trash talk and verbal bashing has been part of his outside the ring mental warfare repertoire for some time now.

He seems to be using the word ‘dosser’ more and more recently however. It’s almost like it’s becoming his favorite word.

This week he’s directed it at WBC champion Wilder and promised to rip his heart out:

Tyson Fury, ever the character.

The fight’s date and venue is yet to be officially confirmed but we’re expecting an announcement on that any day now.

Most likely Las Vegas in early December is the plan, or else New York in early December.

That still gives both fighters well over ten weeks to train for the fight from time of announcement even if it was not announced until the middle of this month.

A fight of this magnitude however deserves as much promotion as it can get, so the earlier the announcement the better.

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