The Filipino Boxer Looking To Join An Exclusive Club Of World Champions

Many might not have heard of Donnie Nietes outside of hardcore boxing fans but this weekend live on HBO on ‘Super Fly 3’ the Filipino boxer has a unique opportunity.

When one things of Filipino boxers the names Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire are usually the first two boxers that spring to mind.

Certainly of the modern era.

But Donnie Nietes has gone about his work in a less publicized, more quiet manner.

Nonetheless, this weekend he will attempt to become a four-weight world champion when fighting for the WBO super-flyweight title.

While a bit off from becoming an eight-weight champion like his fellow countryman Manny Pacquiao, a feat that no one will likely ever do again, it’s surprising how little has been talked about Nietes in recent times.

Perhaps because this is only his second time on HBO this weekend but it is important to note the man they called ‘Snake man’ has won titles at straw weight, light-flyweight and flyweight up until this point.

Now he’s graduated to American television and this weekend he takes on fellow Filipino Aston Palicte in his biggest opportunity yet.

Should he win, expect to hear much more about Nietes. He currently holds a professional boxing record of 41-1-4-23KO.

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