Canelo Reacts To Golovkin Accusing Him Of Running In The First Fight

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin clearly don’t get along, that much is clear coming into their rematch on September 15th.

The first bout was a real treat to watch despite the controversy that ensued afterwards.

As a fight and a spectacle for boxing fans overall, it delivered.

Golovkin got off to a slow start and was frustrated early on by some of Canelo’s movement and boxing skills.

Moreover, Golovkin has himself conceded coming into their second bout that Canelo is certainly the most skilled fighter he has ever faced.

Speaking ahead of the rematch he has taken issue with these boxing skills however:

“This wasn’t boxing by Canelo, it was running.”

To which Canelo has now responded by saying:

“It’s not the same thing to run as to have technique, to counter punch. That doesn’t make sense, what he is saying.”

Some think that the fight could be more of a toe to toe battle this time round because of the sheer needle between the two fighters.

I don’t think it will be early on however.

I’d expect a cautious start again from both guys. At least for the first couple of rounds as they try to figure out one another’s strategy.