Anthony Joshua Gives Reaction To KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube Fight

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua was one of the many who tuned in on the night to watch the white-collar fight between the two YouTube stars.

Many of the boxing fraternity have been split on such type of fights bringing the sport of boxing into disrepute, while others believe the PR and eyeballs the sport gets out of them can only be a positive thing.

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua falls into the latter camp.

Speaking to Sky News today, Joshua said of the fight:

“Credit to them, but it was actually a good scrap. You know what if it brings a lot of eyes to the sport of boxing, if a lot of kids, YouTubers, gamers are now watching boxing, it benefits us all. So I’m all for it to be honest.”

The fight on the night did in access of a whopping 800,00 pay per view buys on YouTube.

Much more than many world title fights do in professional boxing in fairness.

It should be noted though that the vast majority of that came from their existing YouTube subscribers,  who are already fans of them.

That said, even if 2-3% of that number became boxing fans after that fight, we’ve done rather well out of it as a sport and industry.