Golovkin vs Canelo 2 – Who Wins?

The fight is just a couple of weeks away now and promises to be one of the best middleweight wars in years. After an entertaining fight first time round, so much makes the second bout potentially even better. Golovkin vs Canelo 2 – who wins?

Well, odds seem to have shortened on Canelo for the second fight, overall.

Perhaps there’s a feeling out there that the year between the now and the first fight has benefited him more than his knockout-fist counterpart – in terms of their age difference.

The presumption would have to be predicated on something tangible to be taken seriously however.

Golovkin has exhibited little decline in recent years and if anything, I’d expect the very best, most ferocious ‘GGG’ we’ve seen yet second time round.

Canelo has stated consistently in the build-up to September 15th’s rematch in Vegas that he intends to stand toe to toe with Golovkin.

If he truly means that, I can’t help but feel that would be an unwise strategy.

Going to war with Golovkin has never worked out for anyone.

If ‘GGG’ really hates Canelo as much as he seems to in this rematch, perhaps Canelo would be better advised to try to use this anger against him and when he makes him miss – to then make him pay.

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