Golovkin Looking Forward To Returning To ‘Scene Of The Crime’

Gennady Golovkin has waited a year for his chance to put the record straight against Canelo Alvarez and the closer the fight gets, the more business-like he is this time round.

Not that he wasn’t last time, mind you, but there appears to be more of a steely edge to him these past few months.

Cancelling interviews with media when it affected his training, numerous jibes at Canelo and a real freakish training regime conveyjust how much he wants to win this fight.

So does Canelo, perhaps for different reasons though.

Wanting to clear his name following the highly controversial failed drugs test scandal being the primary motivation for him as a proud Mexican warrior.

Speaking on returning to the T-Mobile Arena on the 15th of September in Las Vegas, Golovkin said:

“It feels right that the rematch returns to the scene of the crime. This time there will be no drama with a decision. I won the first fight and left the ring as world champion wearing all the belts. And I am going to win the second fight. It is going to be a record fight and a golden night for me and boxing at T-Mobile Arena.”

One gets the feeling that neither guy are going to look to leave it in the judges’ hands this time round.

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