Tyson Fury Reveals Extent Of His Dramatic Weight Loss Ahead Of Pianeta Fight

tyson fury weight loss

Fury came in lighter than most observers expected today as he gets close to getting back in the condition that saw him dethrone Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015.

That Fury is now gone of course and a new 30-year-old version is there now, but what a weight loss it really has been – done in a healthy, steady manner over a period of over nine or so months of serious training.

At the weigh-in today Fury showed that he had lost a lot of weight and taken training very serious over the last number of weeks and couple of months alone since his first comeback fight against Sefer Seferi:

tyson fury weight loss

Fury has now shifted over eight and a half stone in total since he began training again last year.

A remarkable feat that perhaps has never been done before in heavyweight boxing.

At least to the best of this writer’s knowledge.

At this rate of training, provided he is back in the ring in late November or December for a potential Deontay Wilder fight, he really does have a good chance of getting in career best condition for the fight.

A lot will tell tomorrow night in terms of speed, reflexes and timing, but by the looks of things – Fury is taking this comeback deadly serious.