Chaos In Nandos As Billy Joe Saunders Attacks Deontay Wilder With A Piece of Chicken

They always seem to reinvent the wheel in the sport of boxing when it comes to bizarre antics and strange goings on. How on Earth this happened between WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders and WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder God only knows.

One of the weirdest stories in boxing has broken this evening ahead of tomorrow night’s Tyson Fury and Carl Frampton bill in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Plenty of fun and games happened earlier on at today’s weigh-in when Wilder stormed Fury’s weigh-in and resulted in some harmless promotion.

However tonight at a Nandos in Belfast something more strange happened, somehow, if that was even possible, as Wilder was pictured giving chase to Saunders who allegedly attacked him with a piece of chicken while he was sitting down having a meal after arriving from the States last night.

In the words of the man who filmed the incident, a bystander at the restaurant:

“In Nandos met Deontay Wilder. Then met Billy Joe Saunders. Was class until Billy threw a big half chicken at him lol then all hell broke loose.”

Watch for yourself:

It doesn’t get much more bizarre than that and that’s saying something when it comes to this nutty sport.

Wilder will be commentating for BT Sport tomorrow night during Fury’s fight at Windsor Park.

Here’s another angle where you can clearly see Saunders legging it around tables in the restaurant, on route to a speedy exit from the premises: